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Busy is a decision


Being ‘too busy’ is not an answer!!

By Hannah Freeland

I have recently been listening to an inspiring Podcast on my vast travels, filling each spare moment to enhance my mindset and stay in a positive and passionate state.


I constantly have ‘Ah-ha’ moments and yesterday’s hit me hard! This is from the brilliant Debbie Millman:


Of the many, many excuses people use to rationalize why they can’t do something, the excuse “I am too busy” is not only the most inauthentic, it is also the laziest. I don’t believe in “too busy.” I think that busy is a decision. We do the things we want to do, period.”

-Debbie Millman


I agree with this 100%. We use this phrase as an excuse for something we can’t be bothered to do. If I said to any of you, that I have a beautiful grey stallion and his owner who want to be photographed in Scotland, on the hills, this weekend, I can guarantee you would be offering your services and telling me you will be there!


However, if I said to you, you need to write your goals, target market and SWOT analysis before this weekend, I wonder how many of you would say, “I would, but I’m just too busy”…Hmmm?


The truth is, we use busy when we don’t particularly WANT to fit something into our diary.  When you say, I don’t have the time, you actually mean, I won’t make the time!

The times when we need to get a handle on our business or straighten up our workflows are important tasks, but we tell ourselves, ‘I’m just too busy’… this is a combination of laziness and FEAR talking…this is the fear of not being able to get that job done. So, we use the EXCUSE.


Busy is a choice to us. We use the word busy as if someone else has made the decision and it’s out of our control. It’s not!


We need to re-identify the word, busy. What are you really trying to say? I don’t want to find a space in my diary for this as it’s not something I am passionate about? Maybe you are prioritising time at home and having some downtime, therefore you use the word busy because you don’t want to be seen as having some time off? We should be proud of our downtime, we work hard, we deserve it!

The next time you say, Sorry, I’m too busy – really think about why you have said it.


A shift in our mindset to eliminate the word busy, will make you prioritise your business, see what is really important and stop job offers coming to you that you don’t want.


When the going ACTUALLY gets busy…

 When your diary does start getting full, you need to make sure you are agreeing to photography jobs that will actually move you in the direction of your goals.


I remember all too well during the start of my photography career, that I would accept any and every job offered to me- paid or unpaid. I quickly learnt that actually, unless there was something worthwhile in it for me- I didn’t do it.

By being this selective, you really won’t be busy, filling your diary with rubbish, time-wasting jobs. You’ll then have more time to work on your business and achieve your goals!

Remember  – Busy is a Decision!