Invest in your business, development and creativity

MARCH 2019 – MARCH 2020

Emily and Hannah are thrilled to be releasing this exciting and exclusive programme. This 1 yr, group mentoring, course is not for the fainthearted.

This powerful course will be fundamental to the launch or build of your equine photography business. In addition to being intense and hard work this innovative course will give you experience, information and confidence for your photography and business.

If you want something you've never had

You have to do something you've never done

Who is perfect for this course?

You need to be full of motivation, enthusiam and drive to have a thriving equine photography business. 

This programme concentrates on taking control of your business and photography.

If you are anything like Emily and Hannah you want your business to be recognised and renowned for the highest quality of service, experience and outstanding creativity, delivered with passion and confidence.

Challenge yourself creativity

Elevate your business to the next level

Included in this course...


  • Business creation and development
  • Setting and accomplishing your goals
  • Marketing & branding
  • Target Market
  • Building the right portfolio
  • Selling
  • Pricing
  • Products
  • Viewings & client experience
  • Workflows and templates
  • Networking
  • Successfully reach a niche market
  • Understanding the mindset of your client
  • Financial health of your business
  • Profit is King
  • Building a business that has sustainability
  • Everything you need to know to run a successful equine photography business


  • Multiple photo shoots in each season
  • Different locations, unique venues
  • One horse/one owner 
  • Multiple horses / multiple models
  • Portrait photography
  • Creative photo shoots
  • Understanding the psychology of a horse
  • Comprehensive instruction on technique
  • Structuring a shoot – start to finish
  • Using the best locations
  • Finding the best light
  • Posing techniques 
  • Tips and tricks on the unpredictable
  • Portfolio images
  • Editing and post production processes
  • Enhancing your work
  • Technical help with software and gear
  • Everything you need to know to photograph humans and horses in a lifestyle environment

Also Included

  • Unlimited email access
  • Private Facebook group
  • Assignments and homework
  • Your very own folder of course material, notepad/pens
  • Bonus recordings thoughout the year
  • Online access to all course material and templates
  • Hear from industry experts
  • Join like minded creatives on this year long journey to help support and encourage each other
  • Refreshments and light lunches
  • All the inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm you could ask for!

I have just finished my One Year Mentor Programme with Emily, and can say without a doubt it is the best thing I have ever decided to do. 

Within my first month of setting up my business I made sales of £900 from one photo shoot. I have gone from working in a job that had no real interest in, to the point where I am about to become a full time photographer. 

I can say, hand on heart, that I would not be in this fantastic situation, with an up and coming profitable photography business, if I had not enrolled on her courses. I owe her an incredible amount and cannot thank her enough.”

Kate Alford

Do you feel...

Stuck in a rut?

You havent released your full potential?

You don’t know where to start?

Frustrated with your business progression?

Marketing is confusing?

You are unsure of your business future?

What will I learn from this course?

This 12 month course will equipt you with the skills and knowledge to take control of your business.

Not only will you will be able to confidently set up and direct an equine shoot, you will also learn a step-by-step formula to produce outstanding images, together with the most efficient and effective ways to present your work and own a profitable business.

You will know how to deliver a top class, luxury service to your ideal clients.

 Emily and Hannah will deliver to you an unparalled blue print for success.

Starting March 2019

Course dates:

5th & 6th March 2019

21st & 22nd May 2019

16th & 17th July 2019

10th & 11th September 2019

12th & 13th November 2019

14th & 15th January 2020

What Kit do I need?


  • Bring all the camera gear you have (no lighting needed)

  • Ideally you will have a wide-angle and zoom lenses

  • Lots of card space, at least 30GB

  • Fully charged batteries and spares

  • Laptop and card reader

  • Wellies or good solid boots

  • Warm outdoor clothing

  • Pocket notepad and pen (for on location)

  • A packet of Polo mints (optional but will make you very popular with the horses)

Price £495 Per Month

(Course length - 1 Year)

If you would like more information or would like to secure your place on this incredibly exciting course with Emily and Hannah, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch soon!