2 Day Fine Art Equine Photography Workshop

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This is a unique opportunity to spend two days away from the hustle and bustle from normal business life, creating bespoke and inspiring images that you create with the help and guidance from one of the worlds leading equine photographers.

Immerse yourself in two days of pure unparalleled and unrivalled photography, alongside like minded photographic artists.

Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity.

Push your fine art equine photography to the next level!

To create the perfect fine art equine photoshoot you need to have a vision and the ability to see the final set of images before they are taken. Setting a fine art equine photo shoot can be difficult as the entire experience hinges on your ability to set the scene, create great shots and use the light and backdrops to their full potential.

In this 2 day workshop,  Emily teaches people how to find inspiration, how to set up a shoot and produce beautiful fine art images. It takes some photographers years to master this, but time is a luxury not many people have. This is why Emily has created this wonderful 2 day workshop for the photographers that want to push their boundaries and limits.

Within this on-location fine art workshop, near Birmingham, Emily will show you how to master everything from selecting perfect locations, back drops, adding self made elements and making the best use of lighting for a fine art collection. All this, plus the ability to work with outstandingly beautiful and talented horses that will give your final images the edge in a superb location.

This is a wonderful opportunity to shoot along side Emily and learn from one of the most skilled equine photographers in the industry. 

I joined Emily on this fine art workshop and have come away being even more inspired and confident with my fine art photography than I thought was possible.

Learning the thinking behind a fine art shoot of the ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ for creating a set of fine art images is the exact place to start when I was wanting to push myself outside of my comfort zone and pushing my creative boundaries.

I photographed some of the most beautiful horses in the country, alongside Emily helping me get the absolute most from the 2 days. Before this course I had been trying to create fine art shoots, but without the knowledge and training that Emily gave me on this workshop. Without this, I was creating pretty images but not noteworthy inspiring images, and THAT’S the difference.

Emily gave me the tools, location and horses to capture something really special here all the while I felt secure that Emily was next to me and confident in the shots I was getting.  

Also, where else was I  going to find horses that can bow and rear on command and gallop as a herd on top of the hill? 

Thank you Emily, inspiring as always!

– Hannah Freeland

Whats included?

  • 4 Separate photo shoots
  • Comprehensive instruction on techniques by Emily
  • Unique locations
  • Photo critique
  • Processing session
  • Use of highly trained beautiful horses
  • Accommodation and food
  • Refreshments available throughout
  • Pre-event assignment
  • Course material hand outs
  • Unique opportunity to work alongside Emily

What you will gain …

  • New inspiration to move your business forward
  • Stunning fine art images to use in your portfolio
  • Insight into how Emily creates a fine art collection
  • One delegate will have the chance to win access to Emily’s online training library worth over £900
  • Bullet proof strategy for producing unique ideas for shoots time after time
  • Access to an exclusive, members only Facebook group
  • How to use locations to their maximum and think outside the box

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