Children and their ponies: Executing a successful photo shoot.

Everyone knows…

Creating that easy and relaxed atmostphere on a photo shoot takes preparation and experience and even with the best intentions it can still be difficult to create that ultimate experience for your clients. This can be even more so when you are dealing with ponies and under 16 year olds. 

Listen in to Hannah’s recorded webinar on “How to find locations and poses for under 16’s” .

Hannah goes through the processes she follows to create the perfect set of images that the owner, parents and loved ones will cherish.

Photographing ponies and children can be different to an adult and their horse. There are certain poses that need to be altered, ponies get fidgety much quicker than horses and not all children have the confidence or knowledge to deal with their pony if they are feeling a little spritely that morning.  

In this training Hannah goes over her process she uses to set up and create a relaxed atmosphere, the locations she uses and the poses that work the best with children and their ponies. 

You will be able to use these guidelines on your next photo shoot with an under 16 year old and will have the tools and knowledge to nail those important shots.

Having a plan of action is key when photographing horses, but what happens when something changes or doesnt work? Are you ready to think on your feet?

Watch below for some highlights from a recent photo shoot…

Do Your Ever Find Yourself…

  • Worrying about how to pose children with their ponies?
  • Struggling to find great locations?
  • Do you feel under prepared for a shoot that moves quickly?
  • Finding yourself without ideas for locations at a yard?
  • Do you struggle to deal with parents on a photo shoot?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Most photographers struggle with one or more of these issues out on a photo shoot.


  • Ponies don’t stand still for very long so you need to be quick
  • The child can chat a lot to the pony, meaning that shots can be missed
  • Not all of your ‘go to’ locations and poses will work with ponies and children
  • Parents can get a little ‘too’ involved sometimes

By the end you will:

  • Know how to pose the child and pony for beautiful images
  • Know how to keep the shoot moving and energetic
  • Know how to make a great plan of action to ensure you keep the shoot flowing
  • Learn how to create variation in one location and quickly
  • Know how to handle Mum/Dad
  • You will also learn how to prepare the child and their parents for the shoot
  • Engage with the child and the parents for a positive shoot they can all feel part of
  • Get great tips for over coming strong opinions from parents or pony!
  • How to select the perfect location that captures the character of the pony and owner
  • Develop photography skills that will move your business forward
  • and more…

This programme is for you if…

  • Struggle to pose a pony and their owner
  • Find ponies get fidgety and you’re not sure what to do
  • Feel overwhelmed at keeping up the pace
  • Feel unsure at the locations you pick
  • Struggling to be creative quickly
  • Struggling to prepare the client and parents

You are not alone in having any of these issues and this webinar will answer all of these and more.

Purchase this recorded 1hr Webinar for just £45 and learn how to run a successful photo shoot with under 16 year olds and produce a beautiful set of imagse that will keep those client referring you for years.