Posing A Horse & Owner

Online Training Workshop


Everyone knows…

Creating the perfect equine photoshoot is hard work, it takes preparation and determination. Perfecting those timeless poses for your clients, over and over again in different locations can be tricky.

Emily goes through the poses she chooses for her clients to ensure beautiful images and variety in the final set.

In this workshop you get to hear and understand the process behind Emily’s choices for posing a horse and their owner.

My new found enthusiasm, with the knowledge and inspiration from Emily and Hannah this last week, and a total belief in what you taught, matched with my own belief in enacting it, I am determined to make great things happen with these newly acquired tools and carve out a career in equine photography, I literally cannot wait to get out there!

Ben F W

Do you ever find yourself…

  • Worrying about how to pose people with their horses?
  • Worrying about how to place a horse in the best position?
  • Struggling to find variation with your posing?
  • Struggling to use your locations with your poses?
  • Finding yourself with creative block in the middle of a shoot?

Well – you know what? You’re not alone!

Most photographers struggle with one or more of these issues out on a photo shoot.


  • You can have the most well behaved horse in the world and still not get the right image.
  • You set up the pose, perfectly and then the horse moves
  • You forget to check everything about the pose

Great photography has little to do with what camera you are holding and what models you have.

So why do most photographers put up with having only a handful of good photos from one shoot, instead of wowing their clients with a beautiful collection that will last a lifetime?

By the end you will:

  • Know the important factors involved when posing a person and a horse together
  • Discover the finer details in posing that make a shoot successful
  • Learn the most effective way to photograph a horse
  • Learn why most people struggle with creative block and how to work through it