Private Commissions in the Field, how to stand out, be bold and be different

I have been privately commissioned to photograph at events for the past 10 years.

This includes ‘behind the scenes’ with some of the UK’s TOP event riders, including Harry Meade and William Fox-Pitt.

“I carved my own slice of this industry and made it work for me and my business”

I created a style of images that my clients sought after and paid me well to capture. Setting myself apart and creating value in what I delivered.

This hour-long session costs just £49 and will help you find your unique style for capturing events from your point of view and connecting with the right clients.

If you don’t dare, you won’t WIN

In this Webinar Hannah covers:

  • Be Different
    • What do you want to do?
    • What do you want to offer?
    • How are you going to make this happen?
  • Collaboration
    • How to do this
    • Why you do this
    • The best and most effective way to callaborate with expertise
  • Marketing
    • Social media
    • Your portfolio
    • Consistancy
    • Target market
  • Structure
    • Pricing
    • Licensing
    • Client briefs
    • Creating your platform and foundation
  • Getting Connection and Paid
    • How to work with magazines
    • What to offer to brands
    • How to work with sponsors
  • Accreditation