The Business of Equine Photography

Three Day Course – Group Training

Now that you have made the monumental decision to include Equine Photography in your business plan, this course will ensure you come away with the knowledge and skills to complete that journey. This course is not for the fainthearted.

I can promise you it will be hard work, it will be intense, but most of all it will be the most rewarding three days you will spend developing the skills you need to successfully compete in the Equine Photography market.


NEW RELEASED DATES: 11th, 12th & 13th SEPTEMBER 2018

Do I need to be an advanced photographer to do this course?

You do not have to be an advanced photographer to benefit from this course, however you do need the aspiration to be an equine photographer and want to be making money from your photography some time soon.  Emily and Hannah will go at a pace that suits the group and will make sure the time spent is maximized so everyone gets the most out of the course. This day is about walking you through the process that Emily and Hannah have found to prove most successful when dealing with horses and their owners.

You can be the amazing photographer you have always wanted to be if you dare to be brave!


  • Early starts for photo shoots
  • Late finish for photo shoots
  • Different locations, unique venues
  • One horse/owner per three delegates each shoot
  • Comprehensive instruction on technique
  • How to structure a shoot
  • Learning how to spot the great locations
  • Learning how to use light
  • Posing techniques for horse and human
  • Tips and tricks on the unpredictable
  • Starting up in Equine Photography
  • Building the right portfolio
  • Transition to a niche market
  • Understanding the psychology and behaviour of the horse
  • Understanding owner profiles
  • Everything you need to know about marketing and promotion
  • Process start to finish on dealing with clients
  • Processing your images
  • Successful sales and product selection
  • Pricing strategies
  • Continued creative and professional development
  • Refreshments and lunch available throughout
  • Maximum six delegates per course
  • Pre-event assignments
  • Folder of course material, notepad/pens 
  • Online access to hand outs
  • Last but not least all the inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm you could ask for!!!

“Emily has played a crucial part in my successful transition from wannabe hobbyist to full-time professional photographer. 

Emily’s approach to training is a powerful blend of practical advice, inspiration, and quality course materials with small group sizes and a safe environment that allows you to ask those questions you’re usually too nervous to ask, and get real, actionable insights. 

Since training with Emily, I have made the leap to full-time photography, increased the quality of my shooting to a point where it consistently delights my clients, and am enjoying regular four-figure sales sessions. 

Don’t hesitate to give yourself and your business the gift of a training session with Emily – you won’t regret it!”

Michelle Wildman

What Kit do I need?

Bring all the camera gear you have (no lighting needed)

Ideally you will have a wide-angle and zoom lenses

Lots of card space, at least 30GB

Fully charged batteries and spares

Laptop and card reader

Wellies or good solid boots

Warm outdoor clothing

Pocket notepad and pen (for on location)

A packet of Polo mints (optional but will make you very popular with the horses)

What will I learn from this course?

You will be armed with the skills and knowledge to confidently set up and direct an equine shoot of one or more horses. You will learn a step-by-step formula to produce outstanding images, together with most efficient and effective process to present your work to your client ready to view and purchase.

You will learn how to set up and run a successful equine photography business and how to fit in to a niche market.

You have finally stumbled accross the course you’ve been looking for. The investment will be worth it.

You are right for this course if:

You have a keen interest in photographing horses and want to stand out against the crowd. You think you want to expand your business to include equine photography.

If you feel now is your time and you want to reach your full potential fill in the form below to apply for a space on this highly sought after course. Remember we only have 6 spaces on these courses and they sell out quickly! Don’t be shy we are here to help you succeed.

  • Please let me know your camera gear, lenses and computer equipment you currently own.
  • Please let us know if you have any dietary needs.