Everyone knows…

Creating the perfect equine photoshoot is hard work, it takes preparation and determination and even with the best intentions it can still be difficult to create that ultimate experience for your clients. Watch my hugely popular 3-part training series ‘Getting the Best from your Equine Shoot’ any time you like from the comfort of your own home or office.  Emily goes through the processes to implement the perfect equine shoot, and covers everything from scouting suitable locations, using flattering and tricky lighting conditions and how to pose your model and their horse. In this training series you get to experience and understand the process behind everything Emily would do on a client photo session.

After working with Emily for a year on a one to one mentoring basis I went from having photography as a hobby to a successful full time business. 

Emily’s one to one mentor year and three-day course has been completely invaluable. My average sale when I first started working with Emily was about £150 – £300. It is now £1,500 – £2,000. 

I can say with 100% certainty that if it wasn’t for Emily’s guidance I would still have photography as a hobby and be miserable in my day job.”

— Hannah Freeland



Training Session 1 (1hr)

Posing – How to Pose a Horse and its Owner on a photo shoot

Training Session 2 (1hr)

Finding the best locations on a poto shoot

Training Session 3 (1hr)

Finding and using the best light on an equine photo shoot



Do you ever find yourself…

  • Worrying about how to pose people with their horses?
  • Worrying about how to place a horse in the best position?
  • Struggling to find great locations?
  • Struggling to use light effectively?
  • Finding yourself with creative block in the middle of a shoot?

Well – you know what? You’re not alone!

Most photographers struggle with one or more of these issues out on a photo shoot.


  • You can be in the most stunning location and still not get the shot you want.
  • You can have the most well behaved horse in the world and still not get the right image.
  • You can have the most beautiful weather and still not get it quite right.

Great photography has little to do with what camera you are holding and what models you have.

So why do most photographers put up with having only a handful of good photos from one shoot, instead of wowing their clients with a beautiful collection that will last a lifetime?

This is what I hear all the time

By the end you will:

  • Know the important factors involved when posing a person and a horse together
  • Know how to find the best light and using it to your advantage
  • Know how to find the perfect location to create stunning images
  • Discover how to combine all the finer details that make a shoot successful
  • Learn the most effective way to photograph a horse
  • Learn why most people struggle with creative block and how to work through it