Behind The Scenes – Fine Art Equine Photo Shoot

Are you ready to take your fine art equine photography to the next level?

Creating the perfect fine art equine photoshoot can be difficult as the entire experience hinges on your ability to set the scene, interact with clients and shoot great shots, all at the same time. It takes some photographers years to master, but time is a luxury not many people have. That’s why we have created this video for you.

In this on-location fine art shoot, Emily takes you behind the scenes to show you how to master everything from selecting perfect locations, back drops, adding self made elements and making the best use of lighting for a fine art collection set. This is a great opportunity to work with and learn from one of the most skilled equine photographers in the industry. 

When your videos appeared and I had seen some of your fantastic work it inspired me to consider Equine photography. After watching your videos several times and taking notes (not only on the posing, but also the etiquette side with horses as I have no experience there) I arranged my first equine shoot yesterday.

I’m delighted to say it went great, I was so pleased with the results and the owner is ecstatic with the photos too. I still have a lot to learn in this field but without those videos I would have been starting from a much lower level and struggling for specific posing plans and technique.

So, just wanted to say a huge thank you for your great videos as they really helped massively and it has given me inspiration to progress into Equine photography, which I already love doing even after just one shoot!” 

— Steve McCann 

This video is for you if…

  • Been confused about how to position horses
  • Struggled with a disengaged or difficult horse
  • Wasted time trying to make the best use of the lighting
  • Felt uncertain about which pose to use in a specific location
  • Struggled to find inspiring locations

You’re not alone!

Most photographers struggle with one or more of these issues regularly while on their photo shoot. But the secret is – they’re all easy to overcome. In this training video, I show you EXACTLY how I address and solve these problems in real life situations.

By the end you will know how to…

  • Structure a fine art equine photo-shoot from start to finish
  • Pose your horse for outstanding results
  • Adapt all lighting conditions to bring out the best in your horse
  • Create artistic backdrops for a fine art collection
  • Select the perfect location that captures the essence of your collection
  • Develop equine photography skills that wow your customers

And more!

This 1 hr & 18 minute video is a great place to start for equine photographers that want to take it to the next level.

For more training, check out my three-part webinar series called:

Getting the most from your equine photo shoot