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September 5, 2018
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How I overcame my fear of selling to clients

By Hannah Freeland

In today’s story, I want to talk to you about how I overcame my throat clenching fear of selling my images to my clients. You know- the cold sweat, shaking hands and internal freak out that you have whilst sitting in front of your clients, their precious images on the screen on front of you. And you have to somehow tell them that they NEED these in their life!


Before we go any further, I want you to acknowledge that:


“Everyone needs and wants beautiful images in their life, they may just not know it yet”


I know a lot of you will know the feeling, so let’s embrace it together and I will show you how I moved away from these negative thoughts, changed my mindset and made the ‘selling’ part of the experience one of my favourite elements.


Back in the day, I would seriously fear the viewing session of a photo shoot. I have never done online galleries for clients. As strange as it may sound, I needed to physically see and hear the feedback from the clients. If they were unhappy with the images, I needed to be there with them to hear it and hopefully rectify it.


By the way, a little side note, no client has ever not liked their images-another example of irrational worry we all face as photographers!

Following a faultless, effortless and fun-filled shoot day, then comes the private viewing. It’s in the diary, the car is packed, I’ve triple checked my checklist and I’m wearing my best private viewing outfit. Then the fear kicks in, tell me you resonate with me here…


  • “What if they hate all of the images?”
  • “What if I haven’t captured their horse as they see him?”
  • “What If they don’t like the way I have edited them?”
  • “What if she doesn’t like how I have posed her in the shots?”
  • “What is she thinks I’m a crap photographer?”
  • “What if this is the end of my career?”


Ok, I know the last one it dramatic, but I really was there.


I continued to feel like this, for every, single, viewing. Even though they all went well. The clients loved the images, they would congratulate me on creating such beautiful memories, they would tell me how clever I am and basically give me a huge pat on the back.


I didn’t hear ANY of it!


I would think, each time, phew I got away with that one (I’m currently slapping myself in the face, for even thinking this).


So, how did I overcome this dreaded feeling?

It was a shift in my mindset.

I didn’t need to change anything about the images, edits or product samples I was taking. I didn’t need to change my outfit or the price guide.


I needed to change how I thought about this part of the experience.


These clients had paid me to photograph them and their horse. I had prepared them about what to wear, how to style their hair, what to have ready for their horse and the best locations to capture beautiful images- I had it covered!


I also prepped them on what was included in the shoot fee. I had to tell myself- I’ve made sure my clients are super prepared for the pricing and the products. I couldn’t think of anything worse than sitting in front of clients who were utterly shocked at the prices.


I would go above and beyond to make sure they were prepared for the experience- and I had to remind myself of this. I was not convincing them to do or purchase something they didn’t want.



I took a step back and realised that I could be the advisor. Not the saleswoman.

If you tackle the fear behind your viewings, then the private viewing session becomes just as enjoyable for you and it is for your clients.


Repeat to yourself:


“We take pictures as a return ticket to a memory otherwise gone” -Unknown source