10 ways to grow your database list

  • First thing’s first- add a sign up form to your website – for those random people who come across your website and want to follow your journey. This is super easy to do- just google it if you’re unsure!


  • Offer a complimentary gift to sign up. i.e you may like to give a gift of your image of the month as a screen saver (might be a nice landscape or fine art picture of a horse).


  • Be consistent with your social media posting, and remember to drive people to your website. Make sure you actually post “do you want to follow my creative journey? If so follow the link”


  • Exhibit at equine shows and give the people you meet an opportunity to be on your email list – not only day trippers but trade people and other contacts.


  • Run a competition to win a shoot and get people to enter. To stay in line with the GDPR rules you must make sure they tick a box agreeing to be on your database.


  • Collaborate with another equine business and offer a joint promotion


  • Have a viewing party –invite influencers and network with new connections


  • Be a guest speaker with a like-minded creative at an event or on a podcast


  • Be a guest blogger


  • Get featured in a magazine.