3 Personality traits I’m proud of


By Hannah Freeland.

  1. My connection with horses.


This has been the case since I was 2 years old. I am very quiet and calm around horses. I like to get to know them, their character and personality.


This next bit happens fairly frequently… I’ll be chatting to the owner of the horse on a shoot, and they comment that their horse isn’t normally as settled with new people as they are with me.

I remember a few years ago that I was chatting with an owner whilst her lovely horse nudged me for a good old rub behind his ears. While I scratched away, she told me that he never lets anyone, including her, near his ears…Flattering or what!


Although I have been dragged along a gravel track by a tiny pony who was desperate to return to her girlfriend, and have had more arguments with my bolshie mare than I can remember, these creatures settle my soul every single day.


  1. Making people feel totally relaxed

On every photo shoot I have done, I am always told that the shoot has been so much more enjoyable than they had imagined it would be.

Whether clients are dreading the shoot due to being camera shy, or just feel like it’s a self-indulgent thing to do, they are always so thankful for how relaxed and fun I made the whole experience for them.

My ability to put others at ease allows me to capture truly natural and beautiful images. I know how I feel in front of a camera, so I sympathise with others who are a little nervous of posing for a photographer!

My highest priority on photo shoots is the safety and comfort of my clients and their horses. If I have these things covered, everything else falls into place.



  1. Being on time



I have grown up being told that being on time is essential. If someone makes time for you in their life, you 100%

ensure you respect this by being on time. When booking shoots, I leave enough time to allow for traffic delays or an often necessary coffee stop!

I am not saying that I am never late- this is impossible, but if I am late then there is usually a jolly good reason for it!