An average week for HFP

By Hannah Freeland 


I thought you guys might get a good kick out of seeing an average week for me?  

I have left out the numerous phone calls and 10-minute jobs, but this should give you an insight to what a week looks like at Hannah Freeland Photography HQ!  


This was the first week of June 2018:- 


8.30am – Call with new client – who booked 

9.00am – Facetime with Emily for morning catch up & plan for the week 

10am- Pack welcome packs 

10.30am – Set up new CRM for Training Barn 

11am – Quote to commercial client  

11.30am – Call training client and confirm 1:1 training date 

12pm – Edit clients’ images  

1.30pm – Email rider and all sponsors about a set of images 

1.45pm – Post office with Welcome packs 

2pm – Order new postcards 

2.15pm – Pre-consultation for family shoot on Saturday 

3pm – Pre-consultation for equine shoot on Wednesday 

3.45pm – Order frames from private viewing on Friday 

4.45pm – Update Lightblue 

5.30pm – Emails 

6.30pm – Finish 


8.30am- Call with training client 

9am – Call with Emily  

9.15- Emails 

9.30am- Edit clients images  

11.30am- Order new stickers and tags for welcome pack 

12.30pm- Strategy session with PA 

1.30pm- Create new work flows and check lists 

2.30pm- Unpack and quality check delivery going to USA (This took 3hrs as it was 20 frames and 2 albums!) 

5.30pm- Emails 



6.30am – Emails 

7.10am- Leave studio for photo shoot 

10am- Equine portrait session 

1pm – Back on road to studio 

4.30pm- Lightblue update 

5pm- Move images from shoot and back up  

5.30pm- Re charge kit 


8.30am- Strategy session for Training Barn with Emily 

10am- Skype call with Copywriter 

11am- Meeting with work experience teacher 

11.30am- Pre-consultation with upcoming client 

12pm- Pre-Consultation with upcoming client 

12.30pm- Unpack new welcome and USB boxes 

1pm- Start edit of shoot 

2pm- Skype call 

3pm- Back to editing of the images 

4.30pm- Export and rename images 

5pm- Marketing 

6pm – Emails 



8am- New gravel for driveway arrived (had to spread and level it) 

10am- Make updates to website  

11am- Call client and check she has received her 3 frames 

11.15am – Leave for shoot 

2pm- Polo Player Photo Shoot 

4.30pm- Finish shoot – Travel back 

7pm- Finish editing of images 

8.30pm- Emails and update Lightblue  



Saturday (I don’t normally work on weekends)  

10am- Write blog posts 

2pm- Leave for shoot 

3pm- Family of 9 photo shoot



PHEW!! Now where’s the red wine…..