Autumn is here!


I love the autumn time. The smell and colour of the leaves makes me so happy, and from a photography point of view, you literally can’t beat the bright, golden-yellow back drop of the Autumn woodland for a seasonal equine photo shoot!

I also have a crazy love of chestnut horses. My first pony, Dolly, was a chestnut Welsh Cob cross. She was so beautiful in my eyes, and I think that’s where my love of ginger ponies has stemmed from.

I also find chestnut horses especially wonderful to photograph. The light seems to be really flattering to the tone of their coat, and creates such a rich and vibrant orange colour which turns out beautifully in a final set of images.

Why not try and combine the two? A chestnut horse in the Autumn scenery never ceases to impress your clients- they always fall in love with the final pieces. When you set up your shoot, make sure you think about where the light is coming from, where is best to position your subjects and how to incorporate those gorgeous golden trees into your backdrop. If you perfect all three of those aspects, you’ll be sure to create a cracking set of Autumnal images.