Behind the scenes of a Shoot, Shadow and Shine Course

Do you wonder what it’s like to join us on one of our Shoot, Shadow and Shine’s?

It’s hard to get a really good idea from reading the booking page, although we spend a lot of time making sure its broken down and easy to understand.

So here is a short slideshow of what it’s like to join us on one of our Shoot, Shadow and Shine Courses.

The layout of the 2 days
Day 1:

We meet at the studio in the middle of the New Forest in Burley for a get to know you chat and a cup of coffee. After an introduction and kit check we head off for our first photo shoot.

Photo Shoot 1: We take our time to walk you through how we structure our equine shoots. This includes locations, backdrops, outfits and how to use the natural light thats given to us on the day.

We set up each shot from picking and explaining the location and where to place the model and horse, all the way through to perfecting each portrait.

We all shoot together for 2 hours, moving around the location and answering all sorts of questions. As Emily concentrates on the model and horse and getting the next pose perfect, Hannah checks in with each delegate to make sure they are getting the results in camera that they hoped for.

After the shoot we head back to the studio for a shoot debrief, cameras on charge and a spot of lunch.

Photo Shoot 2: Now that everyone is refuelled we head out again, normally into the Forest for an on-location photoshoot. These locations can be daunting for some photographers. You have to use what nature provides for you, this can be tree stumps, vistas, long grass or simply a rickety old gate.

Again, we walk you through the step by step process we’ve used for years. We make sure we cover the safety aspects of the shoot and explain each pose and lighting use as we go.

Back to the studio: We make sure there is time after the second shoot to ensure we can answer any other questions that may come up after these first 2 shoots.

Day 2:

Day 2 sees us meeting at the studio again and heading out to our 3rd photo shoot.

Photo Shoot 3: This is your chance to get creative after your first 2 shoots. Again, we will lead the shoot and talk everyone through the process, but we encourage you to shout out locations you would like to try and poses you would like to shoot.

Its important for successful photographers to find their voice and confidence and there is no better place to do this when you have 2 equine photographers standing with you boosting your ego!

After a couple of hours we head back to the studio for a final photo shoot debrief, moving images onto the laptops and sitting down for another lunch together.

The Editing Session: Firstly we show you the images we have shot (yes really, straight out of camera!) and we will do a live pick and reject in Lightroom together. This shows you guys which images make the cut and the variety we add into a shoot collection. We then live edit a few of these images with narration together so you can see our process before you take to your laptops.

You will then pick and reject through your images from one of the shoots together and start editing with us on hand to help and advise.

All those niggly questions you have about your images, editing, exposure and formatting will be answered.

You then have to leave the warmth of the Training Barn bubble I’m afraid. Though, you will be leaving with 3 photo shoots worth of images for your portfolio, marketing material, website and social media. Knowledge of how to structure a shoot, find locations, use the light and crack through to the best poses for your client. Along with masses of new knowledge. confidence and motivation.