Capturing that connection

We are absolute suckers for that cute, cuddly shot. The ones that make you feel like you are like a fly on the wall. The horse and owner are having this beautiful cuddly moment in between poses, and you just keep clicking…it should be as if you aren’t even there.

To get this kind of shot, you need to shoot tight to eliminate any distraction from the background. Keep focused on the pair having that interaction. Usually owners hands are soft, the horse’s ears may not be pricked, but the relaxed look on both of their faces is so amazing. The minute the owner looks at you, that connection is lost.

Most of the time, these moments happen completely un-posed. Although there are ways of trying to create this shot yourself. Asking your owner to rest their head on their horses forehead, or asking your owner to just look up at their horse with love works really well too.

Just remember, these are often the shots that make the album- so try to start thinking about chances for you to recreate or capture this on your shoots.