What does it take to craft a solid equine photography business?

Getting your business foundations right is essential if you want a thriving equine photography business.  We believe in equipping our delegates with the essential business foundations necessary for a successful career. This is why on our first 2 online days (11th...

Building your best portfolio

The presentation of your images is one of the most important things you can spend time getting absolutely perfect.  When a prospective client comes across your website, one of the first things they will do is look at your portfolio. They will have a rough idea in...

How to add equine fine art to your portfolio

Many people feel quite intimidated by fine art photography, thinking it is something not many people can do and is outside of their reach.  The best definition we can find of fine art photography is the following: "Fine art photography is a style of photography...
Capturing the soul of horses at liberty

Capturing the soul of horses at liberty

Having been life-long horse people, we know how important it is to understand horses; the way they move, their behaviours and individual characters to really get the most out of an equine photoshoot.  To our clients, their horses are family and they have commissioned...

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“Mentor Me” Equine Photography Programme – Kate Alford

“Mentor Me” Equine Photography Programme – Kate Alford

Last September Kate Alford signed up for the basic photography one day course. Her initial intention was to learn how to use her camera.

She decided after the course to continue working with me and signed up for the 3 day equine course. Kate felt both courses covered everything she needed and the content was incredible and a great source of information. She wanted to ensure she did not get distracted by the daily slog as a mother of three children. Kate wanted to push herself forward towards her dream job, so she joined my “mentor me” programme

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