Are you looking after your clients?

In our last 2 days together on the 1yr Group Mentorship Course we will be squeezing in a lot. Not only will we have 2 photo shoots over the 2 days, we will also have a presentation from you guys, showing us your new portfolio and what you're business looks like now....

How are your clients finding you?

How often do you receive a phone call from a ideal client? Or do you occasionally get an email through your website, or maybe you're getting DM's through your social media and you just don't know why you can't get them on the phone and all they want to know is "how...

Marketing in 2021

Have you ever made a marketing plan before, or are you winging it? Do you know what a marketing plan looks like? We don't mean to sound condescending, but neither of us knew what a true marketing plan looked like before we were mentored.  Is this you at the moment? "I...
Ditch the Manual: Use Your Learning Style to Shoot Better Photos

Money, Money, Money: How to Have the Chat That No One Loves

Is there anything worse than talking about money? (Okay, war and all that sort of thing aside, of course…!) First, you go through the agonising and uncomfortable process of actually setting your prices, and then you’ve got to talk about them to your clients, too. Just...

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Ditch the Manual: Use Your Learning Style to Shoot Better Photos

The 5 Common Mistakes New Equine Photographers Make

Every day behind a camera is a new adventure, but the best – and often, most frustrating – adventures come with a heaping helping of trial and error. We want to help you reach the next level as quickly as possible, so we’ve compiled some of the most common mistakes...

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You Know You’re an Equestrian Photographer When…

…you’ve long embraced the beauty of streamingservices, so you don’t keep any music downloaded on your phone – instead,you’ve got a couple of tracks of horses whinnying. Great when you need to get some errant ears forward on a shoot, less so when you turn your car on...

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The essential guide to influencer interactions

“What I really need is for someone to share my work –someone everyone knows. Then my business will really make some headway!” Hands up if you’ve had this very thought before – and the other hand up if you’ve dismissed the idea as being impossible to fulfil. Okay, now...

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Ditch the Manual: Use Your Learning Style to Shoot Better Photos

Get in the habit of being creative

For better or for worse, our lives are largely carved out and structured around our habits. Breakfast at a certain time, daily chores and errands, how many cups of coffee?! (Still not enough, by our reckoning!) But your habits don’t have to just be the things you do...

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Ditch the Manual: Use Your Learning Style to Shoot Better Photos

8 Tips for Maximising Your Office Space

How’s this for a dream: your own sprawling studio, dotted with your own beautiful photographs, a wall of inspiration, and plenty of space to store frames, samples, an endless array of lenses, and a viewing space for your clients, too. Some of you might be lucky enough...

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