Learn how to work that location!

Picture this- you arrive at a yard. All you can see is a flat grass field and an average stable block- and you panic! “Where on earth am I going to place my clients?!” You then just fluff your way through the day with no idea where to direct yourself- let alone your client.

The proof is in the pudding- we have created awesome shots from all sorts of locations, from a flat field with electric fencing, to the most magnificent yards you have ever seen. This is because we have become experienced in how to work our environments. Photographically, the rickety old, run-down yard is our FAVOURITE! These give so many amazing backgrounds and textures to play with.

Lets have a look at the example below. This series gets you to start thinking about how you an transform that simple stable-shot into your client’s favourite. Stables are AWESOME to shoot in because they are so versatile.

The owner is asked to lean against the stable wall and put her foot up on the side. This is a nice, relaxed shot and it would be shown to the client.

Notice how in the next cropped-in image, the edge of the stable door creates a really lovely texture to frame the pair. The horse and owner still look beautiful, but you can see the shot is improved.

The next image is just that bit more special again. It is shot from a crouched position and is much more intimate. This is the kind of shot owners want on their wall!

Luckily for us, this horse was perfectly behaved, so the owner was more than happy to remove his head collar. You almost forget this is shot in a stable. The natural light that falls on the subjects is so stunning and is hard to replicate in other locations.

Next time you are using the simple stable as a location, think about how you can play around with angles and crops- take your shots from good, to GREAT!

If you still think you struggle with location scouting or making the most out of each location, check out our upcoming action-packed 2-day course!