Don’t spend hours editing!

Just a quick one today. Because we get asked this question a lot…

“How long do you take editing your images?”

Our answer is almost always the same…

“If we shoot for an hour, we edit for no more than an hour”

Imagine this: I have shot a set of images that have an obvious distraction in the background. I spend the next 3 hours alone editing that object out each of the images I want to show to my client. 

The client shows up to the viewing, picks her images for her album and frames- NONE of which include the images I spent all those hours editing.

The outcome is- massive time wasted!

If you notice something in the background you might want to edit out, wait until your client has seen the images.

If they pick the image in question, mention that you’d be happy to remove the distraction for them before framing. This way, you haven’t wasted any of your precious time.

If you want to learn more post-production, and exactly how we edit each image in under 30 seconds ready to present to our clients, check out the dates for our next action-packed 2-day course!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.