Equine Photography Training 1 on 1

Are you brave enough to enter a niche market?

Is your confidence holding you back?

Spend a day shooting alongside Hannah and finding out exactly how she prepares and implements a successful equine photo shoot.

You will join Hannah on your very own photo shoot with a horse and owner modelling, learning all the tips and tricks of coping with the unpredictable nature of the horse. Following the workflow and editing session in the afternoon, she will help you create a set of images that can sit in your portfolio. You will walk away with the knowledge and the confidence to produce equine images that any horse owner will be proud to hang on their wall.

Do I need to be an advanced photographer to do this course?

This course is a 1:1 session so you do not have to be an advanced photographer to benefit. Hannah will go at your pace. This day is about walking you through the process that Hannah has found to prove most successful when dealing with horses and their owners.

You can be the amazing photographer you have always wanted to be if you dare to be brave!


  • Start 9.30am at the studio
  • How to structure a shoot
  • Meet with horse and owner on location
  • Learning how to spot the great locations
  • Learning how to use light
  • Posing techniques for horse and human
  • Tips and tricks for the unpredictable
  • Lunch
  • Workflow advice
  • How to select and reject images for sale
  • Processing your images
  • How to produce a set of images ready for your client to view

What Kit do I need?

Bring all the camera gear you have (no lighting needed)

  • Ideally a wide-angle lens and a zoom lens
  • Lots of card space, at least 16GB
  • Fully charged batteries and spares
  • Laptop and card reader
  • Wellies or good solid boots
  • Warm outdoor clothing
  • Pocket notepad and pen (for on location)
  • A packet of Polo mints (optional but will make you very popular with the horse)

 What will I learn from this course?

You will be armed with the skills and knowledge to confidently set up and direct an equine shoot of one or more horses. You will learn a step-by step-formula to produce outstanding images, together with most efficient and effective process to present your work to your client, ready to view and purchase.

You are right for this course if:

You have a keen interest in photographing horses and want to stand out against the crowd. You think you want to expand your business to include equine photography.

Price £895

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