Equine Portfolio Building and Sales Day – Group Training



I had a fabulous day with 5 photographers in my Equine Portfolio Building Sales Day Group Training course.

Our wonderful day started with the sun joining us for our morning shoot. Mitch Asher from the New Forest joined us with her beautiful chestnut horse, Zara. Both were fantastic models.

After our time with our models ended we were all pretty hungry and ready for lunch, so we headed back to my barn to enjoy a well deserved break.  My mum spoiled us with lots of gorgeous homemade cake which went down extremely well with all the tea and coffee we drank.  We were set up for an afternoon discussing workflow, editing, the sales process and pricing strategy.While you do not have to be an advanced photographer to benefit from this course, each participant showed true passion in equine photography. They inspired me and each other, and showed how keen they were to take their business to the next level and succeed in the equine market. I was able to show them the most successful processes I use when dealing with horses and their owners, and to prove to them they can be an amazing horse photographer.

I always enjoy my group courses, but the combination of the sun, the cake and great company made this day extra special for me.  I feel very lucky indeed.

For an itinerary, price and dates this course is offered, please click the link here to see all of the details on my course.