Fay and Bengal, November 2018

What a GORGEOUS time of year this is!! We recently took our awesome team of year-long mentorship delegates to photograph Fay and her majestic 18 hand dressage horse Bengal, on the Ornamental Drive in Rhinefield, the New Forest. This place is renowned for its stunningly tall redwood trees and evergreen forests- the perfect location for an autumnal shoot on location.


We were a little worried before this shoot, because the forecast was for rain- and lots of it. Once we arrived however, the sun decided to put his hat on, and we had the most amazing morning shooting.

Fay also brought her dog, Ben, along for the shoot. This got a little confusing when shouting “Ben!” at both the dog AND the horse!! But I think you’ll agree- a gorgeous set of images that really show the bond Fay has with her animals.

We were TOTALLY spoilt for choice for locations- the little stream with its rickety wooden bridge, the open spaces lined with incredible trees and the little winding paths through the undergrowth.

I’m sure our delegates would agree- an awesome morning! Where is the most beautiful place you’ve photographed on location?