Get in the habit of being creative

For better or for worse, our lives are largely carved out and structured around our habits. Breakfast at a certain time, daily chores and errands, how many cups of coffee?! (Still not enough, by our reckoning!) But your habits don’t have to just be the things you do on autopilot – you can create a ritual and a routine around the stuff that really lights your fire.

Experts reckon that 21 days is the sticking point for making or breaking a habit – do, or don’t do, something for that long and you’re in plain-sailing territory. 21 days is a pretty doable amount of time, right? Three weeks zoom by in about five minutes – so let’s put them to work.

This year, we want you to think about making creativity a habit. That might sound a bit counterintuitive – how can you make a habit of something that can vary so much each day? – but in doing so, you’ll train yourself to make actionable ideas out of the barest of inspiration.

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered…

1.The most essential factor? Carving out some you time.

Tricky? Sometimes. But setting a regular block of time for yourself every day – even if it’s just half an hour – gives you the breathing space to actually let your ideas take centre stage. Make yourself a priority in 2020 – you’ll be amazed how your business flourishes as a result.

2. Embrace others’ creativity.

But banish comparisons – you’re a different person, on a different path, with a different vision. Read biographies or features about creatives you admire, watch TED talks, and go to gallery exhibitions – they’ll all get the cogs whirring and let the muse in.

3. Get moving.

No, you don’t need to start scheduling gym sessions into your days (although if you want to, go for it!). But if you’re facing a bit of a creative brainfreeze, stepping away from your studio is the best way to overcome it. Go for a walk, muck out some stables, or carve out some time for a long hack – you’ll be amazed how many ideas you have when you let your brain wander aimlessly.

4. Boost your brainpower.

One of the things we miss about childhood is all that spare time to get lost in a good book. Reading has so many benefits: it flexes the muscles of your imagination, gives you motivation, and spawns new perspectives. If you really can’t squeeze in half an hour with a book, why not get into podcasts or audio books? Both will have the same impact: you’ll start looking at things from new angles.

5. Keep a journal of ideas and inspiration.

You can do this digitally, through sites like Pinterest, or you can fill a notebook or sketchbook with cuttings, scribblings, random ideas that pop into your head, and quotes. Either way, you’re exercising the creative part of your brain, allowing it to subconsciously cook up your next brilliant idea.

6. Collaborate.

Team up with other like-minded creatives to chat over coffee, pinball ideas, or even work together on a bigger project. You’ll not only benefit from the camaraderie and support, you’ll also find yourself seeing things from new and exciting angles.

7. Set challenges.

You don’t just need to be photographing clients and their horses all the time – in fact, any time you spend with a camera in hand and thinking playfully is enormously beneficial to you and your business. Why not embark upon a photography challenge this year, and step out of your own comfort zone?

We bet you can find half an hour a day for the next 21 days – and at the end, we’re even  ore certain you’ll be hooked on that creative time, with an even deeper well of ideas that  ever before to draw from. It’s time to dive right in and give them your full attention.

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