Helena, September 2018

We enlisted the help of Helena, our awesome friend who has worked for Emily since she was 16! She is now off training to be an equine physiotherapist- but she can’t get away from us that easily! She regularly rides this cute New Forest pony, Frosty, in her spare time.

Our delegates had a really great shoot- let’s just say Frosty wasn’t feeling it, and was rather tricky! He didn’t want to stand still for more than 2 seconds, which made it great practice for our delegates when presented with fidgety horses that refuse to stand still- it happens often on shoots, so you have to be prepared!

We kept the shoot moving- using the woodland, the open forest and the grounds of the Training Barn to capture some gorgeous shots of the pair.

It just goes to show that with a little practice- you can create images that look as though the horse was standing there for hours- magic!!