6 modules packed full of guidance and templates for creating the perfect equine portrait session.

“Doing the course was one of the best things I’ve invested in. I never have panic moments at shoots anymore, I have everything planned and prepared now!”

Jessie Lee Photography


Do you dream of creating stunning equine portraits that you and your clients love?


Are You Struggling to Attract High-End Clients?

Our course equips you with advanced marketing strategies and PR techniques to stand out and connect with high-end clients. You'll learn how to create a compelling press pack and reach out effectively to magazines, equine companies, and influencers. We'll show you how to differentiate your brand, positioning you as the top choice for discerning clients.


Do You Have Uncertainty in Pricing and Finances?

Gain financial mastery and confidence in pricing your services appropriately. We cover essential financial aspects, including using accounting software and money mindset. With our budgeting strategies, you'll have a clear understanding of your finances, ensuring profitability while delivering the quality high-end client’s demand.


Do You Feel You Have An Inadequate Networking and Growth?

Unlock the power of networking and nurturing relationships in the equine photography industry. Discover how to build a strong network, participate in collaborations, and get noticed at shows and events. This course provides you with the skills and techniques needed to expand your professional circle and nurture connections that lead to regular bookings from high-end clients.


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Invest in yourself with our flagship online course – The Art of Equine Photography – Horse & Human course has been designed and built to build your experience, confidence and knowledge in a positive and easy to follow way.



Module 1

Growing Your Email List

Building and managing a robust email list is a cornerstone of a successful equine photography business. In this module, you'll learn how to grow your list organically, implement lead magnets and collaborations, and use your list effectively to engage your audience.


Module 2

PR and Shouting Out Loud

Master the art of public relations and make your equine photography business stand out. Craft a professional press pack and explore strategies for reaching out to magazines, equine companies, influencers, and portfolio clients. Elevate your brand's visibility with this module.

Module 3

Finances and Budgeting

Achieving financial mastery is crucial for the sustainability of your equine photography business. Learn to manage your finances, use accounting software like Xero, and develop a healthy money mindset. Plus, discover effective budgeting strategies.

Module 4

Network Nurturing

Building and nurturing your professional network is essential in the equine photography industry. This module teaches you how to expand your network through shows, collaborations, and more. Explore techniques for nurturing relationships, creating marketing plans, and staying consistent.

Module 5


Invest in your skills and equipment to level up your equine photography business. Discover how to prioritise your investments wisely in products, events, upscaling, equipment, qualifications, and mentoring. Elevate your craft and business with strategic investments.

Module 6

Marketing Campaigns

Develop high-impact marketing campaigns to reach high-profile riders and businesses. This module guides you through budgeting, networking, research, and action steps to connect with top-tier clients. Unlock the potential of your equine photography business with effective marketing strategies.



  • Client Booking Form – Template
  • Email Sequence for a happy client
  • Your Kit Checklist
  • How to create and execute the perfect Modal Call
  • Top Poses Handy Print Out
  • How to Price your work
  • Hannah’s exact camera settings for her latest panel of awarded work
  • Create the perfect product list for your clients
  • How to structure the photo shoot – the print out guide
  • Style Guide template
  • Workflow PDF ready to start using for your photo shoots.

With this course you will have the tools you need for producing stunning equine portraits. We are going to take you by the hand and walk you through it together. So, you can begin creating powerful images in just 21 days. 

This is the same process that we have had many of our delegates go through in our mentorship programs to catapult them to professional level in record time, and we know this process can help you too.  




I’m pleased to say I’ve had a freaking amazing summer! And I’ve been busier than I ever could have imagined. Just recently I’ve felt like my photography has got loads better, and I’m glad to say I finally got a laptop (Anyone who’s done the course will remember I used to edit and do everything from my iphone until a couple months ago!)
I’ve also just been able to upgrade my camera lens (happy days!).
I love doing this so much, and it’s so true when people say every photo shoot is different. It’s amazing to be able to give people these images that you know they will love forever!


The Kickstarter Session

Before you start the Art of Equine Photography Course, we invite you to listen to our Kickerstarter Session. Listen and begin motivated and with strength from the comfort of your own home.

This is the perfect preparation to get the absolute most from this course. We go over creating your Current Network PDF (yet another bonus included in this course), how to use this effectively to build your models and client list and getting your ducks in a row before delving into the course.

A little more detail:

Module 1: Plan for Productivity

It’s so important to get yourself, your kit, the client and the horse prepared for their photo shoot. This is one of the highest complaints we hear from photographers. Does this sound familiar?

“My client was wearing old jodhpurs and a hoodie; the images just don’t look good”

“The horse was still in its field when I arrived, what a waste of time”

 “The client cancelled right at the last minute, now what do I do?”

The good news is it happens to everyone, the bad news is it will keep happening forever if you don’t fix it.

Now the next part might sting but we say this with love, this is because your client wasn’t prepared, neither were you.

Let us eliminate these frustrations from your business by teaching you what and how to prepare each element.

Module 2: … And Action

Do you turn up to photo shoots and struggle to get it running smoothly? We heard a great saying the other day:

“I’m like a swan, calm and elegant on the outside but flapping like mad on the inside”

We want to get rid of that flapping feeling, because if you’re feeling it, so is your client and if your client is feeling it, so is their horse.

We have a step by step structure for running successful equine portrait sessions, and we are walking through this with you, explaining how to get the most out of each step so that going forward you show up as your best, most confident self.

In this section, we are also going to start touching on finding your voice. Put your hand up right now if you struggle to shout out your directions to your client and their horse. It’s a super scary thing to do, but by learning to structure a shoot in a way that gives your client confidence, you will grow as well, and the voice will start showing up.

Module 3: Strike A Pose

A common question we get:

“How do I improve my posing? I seem to end up doing the same thing over and over again”


“I need help posing with the horses constantly moving”

Boy do we know this feeling. Which is why we have created a break down for the 12 top poses you can use on your photoshoots. This module will ensure you have plenty of ideas for posing whether you are presented with a 5-year-old and their Shetland pony or a professional rider with 3 horses.

There is a key to creating poses that allows the horse and human to interact naturally to create the connection and bond that can be easily missed.

Module 4: Location, Location, Location

The fear: “getting to a new location and panicking about where to shoot”

After many years of equine portrait sessions, we have both seen a lot of yards and locations.

We have packaged together 14 locations that you will be able to find on a yard, home or on location. After this module you will be able to strut your stuff onto a session and pick the perfect settings for each set of images.

This is another module that will grow your confidence. Knowing what you are looking for when you get to a yard is half the battle. Your client will also feel super settled with someone who knows what they are looking for.

Module 5: Light Up Your Life

Oof, this can be tricky can’t it? Have you ever been shooting the perfect portrait and all of a sudden the midday sun appears and casts a nasty shadow straight across your clients face? What do you do? Turn them? Move them? Well, in this module we walk you through how to effectively use natural light.

Gone are the days that you are screaming inside because you feel like the light is distroying your perfect locations and poses. Learn to use the light to your advantage. Celebrate the grey overcast and dance in the sunshine.

We are also running through the Do’s and Don’ts of light. We want you to understand what matters to you and what matters to your client – as it can differ enormously!

Module 6: Shoot… And Score

If you are struggling with consistent editing of your images, or maybe you don’t know how to get your images looking their best then listen up!

We will walk you through how to process your images in Lightroom to lift them another 50%. Even if you’ve never used lightroom in all its glory, this module can be revisited as you grow your skills.

We are also guiding you on how to present your images and what to leave out.

Shhh – Bonus! We will also be critiquing in this module. You have to be able to view your images with a critiques eye and establish whether you are delivering what your clients want. You will be able to do this with kindness and love to yourself and be able to propel yourself and your images forward.

A walk through of our course




Our program is the fast track to being able to produce a set of images that your clients will be happy to pay for. You won’t have to struggle your way through a shoot again, we have poured over 18 years of equine photography experience into this course.

We know you will see improvements in the quality of your images you create and most importantly your confidence in yourself and your art.

The goal is to give you everything you need to transform your photography. Now obviously we are not saying you can completely reach a world class standard in just 6 weeks…. but our goal is to move you to a level of competence quickly so you start to see improvements and have all of the tools you need to keep improving long after the course is over.

The program is a complete package and contains everything you need to be confident photographing horses and their humans in a lifestyle environment.

Is their a support with this course?

You are never alone….

You’ll get access to a private support community reserved ONLY for members of The Art of Equine Photography Course who will be going through the same creative journey together.

This is a place where you can safely upload your images as you go through this course. We will be able to offer critique and feedback and you will be able to give us your wins and challenges. Emily and Hannah will be offering their guidence in this group.

  • Share your experiences and work and get accountability from a trusted group.
  • Find out whats working for others.
  • Get motivion and provide inspiration.
  • You get 24/7 access to a group of peers who are all supporting and helping each other out.
  • If you ever get stuck you can ask a question to us and the supportive Training Barn community.
Is there a money back guarantee?

100% Risk Free!

Here is why we offer this unbeatable guarantee.

We know these techniques work. We only develop courses based on proven techniques, things we have tested over thousands of hours of photography ourselves and our live training at our studio in Hampshire. Which means you can save months if not years of trial and error.

Go ahead, sign up today and reserve your spot on our program. If within 21 days of purchasing the course, you can show us that you have implemented the information from the 6 modules and you cannot see any improvement in your images or your confidence we will happily refund your course fees, contact us via facebook or email and we’ll refund you 100% of you payment. 

What Do I Get With This course?

When you sign up to this course you will receive access to over 6hrs of recorded training sessions, plus PDF downloads, Checklists and Helpful Tips and Tricks from Emily Hancock and Hannah Freeland. You also get to re-watch as many times as you want within your membership area. You will receive extra bonus content to help guide you through the course and your photography sessions. You will also have access to a Private Facebook Group to ask questions, receive critique on images and keep yourself accountable. Most of all, you get to learn how to create stunning sets of images for your clients. 

How do i access this course?

The course is brought to you via a private membership site where you will get access to all of the training. You just need a laptop, ipad, smart phone or computer with a wifi connection. You can go back and re-watch the course whenever you like.

What kit do I need?

To get the absolute most from this course you will need a camera and lens, laptop or desktop computer with Lightroom installed and a notepad. 

Now is your time to shine.

If you have been wondering if this is the career for you and you’re not quite ready to join us in person, this online course is for you. You will have lifetime access to the course and can dip back into it as many times as you would like. 

Emily & Hannah x