Are you looking after your clients?

In our last 2 days together on the 1yr Group Mentorship Course we will be squeezing in a lot. Not only will we have 2 photo shoots over the 2 days, we will also have a presentation from you guys, showing us your new portfolio and what you’re business looks like now.

In the studio we will concentrate on your clients experience your studio workflow and making sure every duck is tucked in nicely in the row.

Walking through the perfect client experience together can highlight where there are holes, so we fill them in with you and make sure you walk away with a business ready to accept its first £5k client.

On Day 2 we will have the presentations and the shoot will be a creative one. We will be asking you to think outside of the box and come up with something you haven’t tried before. We will collaborate together and come up with a design concept for this creative session and show you how we take our ideas from in the mind to reality.

We are down to our last space now on this 1 Year Course, so if you are tired of waiting for this to work for you, invest in you and learn from 2 photographers who have genuinely been there, done it and are still in the mix. 

Investing financially gives you an advance, you have skin in the game and its much easier to get things completed when you know you have paid for them. Joining free webinars and talks is always great, but investing in your business allows you to take this seriously. We all know that if we invest money into something we make sure we get the job done.

If you would like an informal chat with Emily or Hannah please click the link below, fill out an application and we will give you a call.