“Mentor Me” Equine Photography Programme – Kate Alford


Last September Kate Alford signed up for the basic photography one day course. Her initial intention was to learn how to use her camera.

She decided after the course to continue working with me and signed up for the 3 day equine course. Kate felt both courses covered everything she needed and the content was incredible and a great source of information. She wanted to ensure she did not get distracted by the daily slog as a mother of three children. Kate wanted to push herself forward towards her dream job, so she joined my “mentor me” programme

This training course lasts a full year giving photographers time to progress their businesses whilst sparking passion, expressing creative freedom and leaning loads of business strategies and  sharing information.  It’s a pass admitting participants a backstage look into my business and to show them what works for me – my tricks – and help further their own careers

When we first chatted, I learned Kate was a working mother. Though a juggling act, with children to watch and schedules to keep, she knew our time together would help plunge her further into her photography dream. Unbelievably, Katie only had 14 hours a week to focus on the work she needed to implement from the course: a short amount of time to build such an incredible business, but that’s just what she did.

Now, a year later, I’m proud to say Kate’s a fully-fledged professional Equine photographer who made her passion her career and makes money doing what she loves. Though Kate is not well known in the industry yet, her determination and passion have helped her build a network of people who now emphatically recommend her.

This course focuses heavily on the business side of becoming a professional, and Kate took full advantage of this time, asking me questions about profit and business flexibility. Though I hate to make our time together sound formal: she knew what to ask and when to ask it, never holding back in fear she might say the wrong thing.

What I valued most about my year with Kate was her brave honesty. She always told me how she was feeling about her progress and the daily struggles of starting her own business. Not only was she honest and eager to learn, but she also responded well to critique and instruction.

The Equine industry is lucky to have such talent, especially with her resolve to get her name out into the professional world. I can assure you she’s someone to watch in the next few years. I have no doubt she will start to make a real impact on the equine photography market across the county.

Kate and I had the most amazing year ever, it was crazy, productive, and full of laughter and the occasional tear. But, most of all, it was a huge pleasure to work with someone so willing to change her life. When you spend as much time together as we have, you begin to value the person as a friend. After our time together ended, Kate sent me an amazing testimonial, and I was honored she was just as thankful for our year together, saying wonderful things and confirming we had a special bond.

“The one to one days have been invaluable, tailored to whatever area I needed to work on, be that training shoots, or business planning and everything in between. I have been held accountable for the plans I have made, and the regular phone calls have given me boosts & information, and cannot begin to cover the amount of information, experience and help I have gained.

Every conversation I have had with Emily since my initial enquiry has been positive, encouraging, down to earth & incredibly informative and helpful. She has never made me feel like the questions I ask are irrelevant or silly, and will explain any aspect of the photography business that is of help to you or your business. She provides a ‘safe’ environment for you to explore ideas and to question the direction that you are working in, and does not simply guide you on the direction that she has worked, but allows you to grow into the areas that you wish work in, for example, Wedding Photography.”

Though Kate has finished our year together, she now has a clear vision and plan for how to grow her business this year. It was incredible to watch her technical and creative abilities improve week after week. Although she has said she feels lucky to have spent the year with me, I feel I was the lucky one.

If your keen to move your business to the next level. Check Out:  https://www.trainingbarn.co.uk/our-courses/mentor-me-programme-1-year/  Please contact me at the studio on: 01425 403748 or email emily@trainingbarn.co.uk

Please take a few moments to look at Kate’s business page.