My Modelling Experience with the Training Barn

I recently volunteered to model for the Training Barn on an equine photo shoot. They had a group of 6 friendly photographers who were keen to hone their photography skills, using my pony and I as their subject!


It was an exciting morning. I was up at the crack of dawn- apparently this time of day hosts the best light! It was the morning after the first lot of rain we’d had in weeks- my grey pony had made the most of this and was completely black- An emergency bath was in order!


By 8am we were ready to go. Emily and Hannah led the shoot and posed my pony and I in various beautiful locations; in the woods and out on the heath in the middle of the New Forest.


My pony, however, not used to the modelling world, was a little impatient and was more interested in scoffing or going back to his field mates than looking smart and posing for photos!! He was a real fidget, but Emily and Hannah were really helpful and professional and made sure we kept moving so that my pony didn’t get bored too quickly!


In the end, it was a really fun morning. Even with my fidgety pony, the girls managed to capture some really amazing shots. I even got a USB of the final images- I couldn’t be happier with the results!