New year, new you!


It’s a brand new year, and it is VITAL that you set yourself goals, so that everything you do actually has a purpose, and doesn’t just happen by chance.

Yes, be sure to you push yourself- but set goals that are achievable! 

Your business 

Set realistic goals for where you see yourself by the end of 2018. What clients would you like to target? What new locations have been on your mind for the past few months that you’re dying to shoot at. How can you develop your business that makes you stand out from the crowd this year? Perhaps there’s a professional rider in your area who you could work with to boost your portfolio? Get things down on paper- you’re more likely to complete a list than commit to ideas floating round in your head!

Your finances

Although money isn’t everything, you don’t start a business to make a loss! How much money would you like to be taking home each month? How will you get to this point? Do you need to put your prices up for this year? These are all things to consider in order to reach your goals. Remember quality over quantity- so If you can shoot less, but sell more per shoot- you’re laughing!

Your creativity

It’s so easy to get stuck in the little routines you have whilst on location shoots. Have a look through your 2017 archive- notice that you have a LOT of similar shots… just featuring different owners and their horses? Don’t panic- I’ve been there before- it’s so easy to get too comfortable! What can you do to set up and produce more creative shots that really set you apart? Have you been thinking about experimenting with different light? Do you want to alter the way you edit your images? These are all things that can encourage you to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to push for more work!

Your personal life and activities outside of work

You must be sure to make time for you! A healthy work/life balance is really important to ensure you don’t become overwhelmed or hit a wall with your business. Make time for family, friends and hobbies… it’s these things that keep you grounded in life!