Photography Business: Leveraging the Visual in Your Marketing

Even if you’re already using Social Media, especially Instagram, to show your photos, you may not be seeing the results you were expecting.  Since Instagram is a visual social media network that only allows people to share images or small videos, you might be facing a lot of competition. However, there’s always a solution. Better yet, there are always several solutions that can make your Instagram account shine. * See the same things in different ways: When you’re taking photos of the same equine, he isn’t quiet; he moves. And on one of those moves may be a completely different photo that will be able to stand out in Instagram. Just keep clicking and clicking- within a half a second could be the difference between a horse with his ears pricked forwards, to him with his ears flat back against his head! Try and see the hose from different artistic angles too. Don’t keep positioning the horse in the same way- your pictures will become dull and uninteresting to those on social media, especially when there are millions of photos of horse pictures to view! * Look out for symmetry: Most people love symmetry. You just need to position yourself as well as the equine so you can take the perfect photo. Symmetry hasn’t got to be mirror-perfect, however. An image of a horse’s head side-on with his owner standing opposite him can elicit beautiful shots with depth and meaning- photos like this are so intimate and you can really capture the bond between the pair. * Treat photography as a form of exercise: A great photo doesn’t always happen when you’re expecting it, or when you have a arranged session. It just happens- it can be the most spontaneous photographs which are the most beautiful as they are un-staged and totally natural. Keep your camera with you when you are out and about- if you see a horse, make sure to stop and photograph it. Keep photographing until you capture the most perfect photos- it will help build your portfolio too! * Take multiple shots: As an equine photographer, you never know how the horse will react to being photographed. You need to take multiple shots of the same horse in the same location in order to ensure you get the perfect shot. In fact, shoot as much as you can. As you know, not all photos are perfect or turn up well the first time round. So, if you have a larger selection to chose from, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye and looks great. This may just be the one that gets you the most likes on your Instagram account! * Watermark your photos: Whenever you upload one of your photos to Instagram, make sure to add a watermark. Something like your name and website address do just fine. This is exactly what many professional photographers do, and it not only looks professional, it stops people stealing your long, hard work! * Advertising sales:  If you decided to offer a discount on your equine photography business, you have to share it on Instagram. Make sure you get a great photo to use to attract the most interest, and include a link to your website where people can get more info, or sign up to your email list! * Post on other social media networks: When you’re posting a photo on Instagram, there’s a feature in the app that allows you to share your images with another account you have on other social media networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Do this to increase your visibility and will ensure your photos are as wide-spread as they can be! * Follow other users: When you open your UK equine photographer business account on Instagram, start by following other people. You can start by following your own family and friends, but then you need to focus your audience. Follow other photographers, horse enthusiasts and artists and comment on their work- this will get you noticed and generally speaking, people will follow you back. There’s one thing you need to keep in mind: even if you feel like you’re doing everything well, there’s always something new to test in order to help your business grow more and more- try everything out until you get the perfect recipe to marketing success!