Posing, posing, posing!!

This comes up time and time gain- many delegates feel like they’re lacking in confidence- you have the perfect horse, owner and location- but just don’t know how to work it, and don’t know what to do with the subjects.

You start to feel pressure that your client is expecting you to start taking photos- so you just end up taking photos that aren’t well planned or executed, and when you get home, you’re disappointed because it didn’t quite work.

This all comes down to lack of confidence in knowing how to work with, and pose your client. As you become more confident in your posing skills, it will be easier for you to start analysing your posing in more depth…

Take a look at the shot below. This is a perfectly good shot that we would 100% include in a viewing. The owner and horse are smiling nicely, she is leaning on the gate and looks easy, the horse looks nice- take the photo.

Time to think- how else can the image be elevated? In the image below, I have crouched down, eliminated the gravel track, and asked client to sit on the gate. This creates a more dynamic shot. The horse still looks great. But notice how changing the angle slightly and changing the owner’s pose has totally uplifted the image.

We want you to start being more confident and think this way- take that first image- but consider how can you enhance it to make it just a little bit better.

What you’ll find, when going through the viewing process- they will more than likely choose the second image to be framed or put in an album- they themselves don’t quite know why, but they just know they like it better!

Which image would you choose?