Hear from equine photographers who have attended mentorship and courses with Emily & Hannah


Lucy Newson - 6 Months 1:1 Mentorship

My journey with the Training Barn (so far)…

So, I’ve recently finished my 6 month mentorship with Hannah and Emily and I really needed to shout about it to you all, as I’m driving my family & friends insane talking about it.

I first met Emily & Hannah on their 3 day course, in the New Forest, in September 2018 (the summer I started my business). Since then I had occasional zoom calls and online courses, all supporting my business as it grew. I loved the way that they focus in on client experience, being different and creating utter luxury.

In the early months of 2020, I decided that I wanted to; redesign my ENTIRE business, offer more to my clients, do something that’s never been offered before and essentially ‘grow up and glow up’.

I approached the Training Barn saying that I had some crazy plans and needed help.

Over the following 6 months, we achieved everything I wanted to and so much more; including getting myself qualified as a Licentiate with the British Institute Of Professional Photography.

I now have hundred of pages of actionable notes and a To Do List as long as my arm, to grow and push my business on. All of my questions and problems were solved immediately.

Most of all Emily & Hannah helped my business thrive through the lockdowns, meaning that in-between the lockdowns I was driving all over the UK meeting and photographing my clients.

Throughout our sessions I’ve never laughed so much (the photo attached was usually how most of our sessions went!). They are ‘Lucy Newson Photography’s’ best friend, and I love them to pieces.

I could not recommend the Training Barn enough. And if any of you are on the fence about a Mentorship, please feel free to drop me a message and I will happily chat through my experience with you.

I have found that there are no limits to what you can achieve with the Training Barn.

I am forever grateful. And this is just the start of my story.

Thank you Emily & Hannah, truly.  Xx


You will be truly wowed & inspired

I’m currently at the ‘new professional’ equine photographer stage. My “Shoot Shadow Shine” two day experience in the New Forest will take my equine portrait photography to the next level. I mainly wanted to do this hands on workshop to get some more location shoots in my portfolio as everything I have done so far has been yard & pasture based.

I’ve learned how to  structure a successful photoshoot which will allow me to create a variety of stunning images every time, no matter what the light is doing & in whatever location I may find myself in.

Both Emily & Hannah were happy to answer all the questions thrown at them & I ‘think’ everyone on the course had at least one ‘a-ha’ moment & I know everyone definitely got some truly fantastic shots for their portfolios.

You will be truly wowed & inspired by the stunning New Forest location, the perfect mix & variety of models, outfits & shooting backdrops that Emily & Hannah will have arranged for you. All this combined with their gentle & fun style of coaching will ensure that you get the shots you want & that you will be able to get the perfect shots when you’re out there on your own.

Whether you’re a professional wanting to add equine portraits to your services, an aspiring or new professional equine photographer or a keen amateur who just wants to take great portraits of your friends with their horses, there is definitely something for you on this course.


I loved it.

Joining the ‘Training Barn” one year mentorship programme has been one of the best decisions I have made, to say I was nervous was an understatement, to take my photography forward would mean initially balancing two jobs as I have quite a high mortgage and other bills to pay. However, my time with Emily and Hannah has definitely helped me grow so much, they are so friendly and welcoming with a massive amount of knowledge that they openly share. I personally have a quiet and nurturing personality which is not best suited to running a business, this group has nevertheless helped me put all this into perspective which has been hard. Through the support of Emily and Hannah my photography and business skills have grown, and I have had the confidence to approach my photography in a more professional way (even after owning my own wedding studio back in the 80’s), this has helped me to grow a visible presence within the equine community.

Emily and Hannah with the friendly approachability and professionalism, have been very supportive throughout with encouragement and a kick up the back side when needed. I most mention that all the other group member has also been their for support and encouragement when feeling down and I feel that we have grown as friends over the year. I am for one are going to miss the bi-monthly get togethers,

I whole heartedly recommend the one-year course to anyone considering a career as an Equine Portrait Photographer

Derek Muncaster

2018 1 Year Mentorship Programme


Thank you.

Wow I started having a read through the course last night. It is fantastic, I am so excited to start implementing your training advice.

The videos are so easy to understand and follow. It is also great there is the course notes to.

I also flicked on and watched the fine art videos Emily did to. Wow the images you took are incredible. I will soon be dragging my shetland into the barn with drapes of black fabric to have a go lol! Ha ha only joking but actually half tempted!

The course is incredible, thank you both. I am so looking forward to seeing what I can create.

Jo Rickatson

An incredible team

“Just attended the 2 day Shoot and Shine event at the Training Barn. What a wonderful location and an amazing packed 2 days of learning and improving my future in Equine Portraits. Emily & Hannah are a truly enthusiastic, helpful and really friendly couple of highly professional photographers and trainers. The 2 days of varying light conditions, horses, riders and locations, coupled with the posing of the subjects was exactly what I needed to help me convert from a Studio Portrait photographer to a future as an Equine Portrait photographer. Although anyone who wanted to improve or add this style of photography to their portfolio would find it really useful. They exceeded my expectations of what could be achieved over these 2 days and I think I would be hard pressed to find another place that could equal the organisation and dedication of these two. Thank you both and also to the second Emily who worked away in the background, assisting where ever needed and was also a wonderfully photogenic subject. An incredible team of people working together.”