Sarah and Family, May 2018

This was a real family affair- two sisters, two daughters, a grandchild, 4 horses and numerous dogs, to be precise!

The delegates were lucky enough to get down to business and practice photographing multiple owners and horses together at once. This is a real skill, and a scenario that scares the life out of most equine photographers! The beauty of this situation is that Hannah and I are present to guide our delegates through the processes of shooting this many horses, enabling them to go on and replicate this in future commissions.

Sarah has the most beautiful property, backing straight onto the open New Forest via a stunning woodland and stream.

We managed to photograph the family together both at home, and out on the open forest. The trick is to keep everything moving- changing up locations quickly will ensure horses don’t get bored- some horses have a shorter attention spans than others!

I think you can agree…a beautiful set of images of a family and their horses on location!