The Business & Photography Workshop

Are you ready to reach your potential and create a luxury 5 * business that works for you?

 Join us on our most intense workshop of the year.

Dates: 26th, 27th & 28th April 2022

Location: New Forest, Hampshire UK

Emily and Hannah are the gold star, best of the best, most inspirational two ladies you will ever meet. I first met them on their 3 day business course in 2018, where all my preconceptions about photography (including that there was no way I could have a career as an equine photographer) were blown away.

It was such an amazing experience, offering the perfect balance of business and marketing advice, creative inspiration and amazing portfolio shoots – this course will give you the ultimate blueprints to start your equine photography business. The creative and safe bubble of the training barn means you never want to leave and I have returned time and time again to enjoy their in person and online courses.

I have gone from charging £25 for a shoot (embarrassing – I know!!) to £395 and averaging over £1000 per sale in less than a year. My confidence has soared and I am so excited to watch my business continue to grow.

Without Emily and Hannah I would not have had the bravery to pursue this amazing career and for that I will be eternally grateful to them xxx

Joss Ridley

Equine Photographer

We’re thrilled to release the long awaited dates for our intensive 3 day course – The Business and Photography Workshop.


Join us in April and learn the roadmap to success as an equine portrait photographer. Our supercharged workshop is for those who want to make an impact in the industry.


Do you wish you could identify the ideal client?


Are you wanting to make a real income from your photography?


Do you struggle to know how to market your photography to 5* clients?

These and many more questions are the reason why Emily and Hannah created The Business and Photography Workshop for photographers. Whether you’re just starting out or an established photographer this is the course for you if you want results that make you sing and dance.

There is no doubt creating a photography business is hard work. It takes ambition, drive and determination.

It takes focus and laser sharp direction

Come and learn from 2 of the worlds top equine photographers and implement advanced formulas and strategies straight into your business.


Change Your Life

Join us and learn …


The Foundations

We kick off with how to set up a robust and professional business. From branding, finances to premises and support. We also cover kit and equipment for equine photographers, in the studio and out. Not forgetting the importance of a support structure within the foundations of your business. Get your business into ship shape and show your new clients a 5* service.


The Vision

We will admit it, this is one of our favourite tasks and we personally do this every year for our own businesses. Creating your ‘Circle of Love’, ‘SWOT’ analysis, ‘Goals’ and a ‘Wish List’ is a must for the start of every year. It’s a proven method of propelling your business. We show you the difference these tasks can make in the success of your business.

The Building Blocks

Oh boy – This is a BIG ONE! We get asked at every webinar and talk we do, “how do I find the perfect client?” and “how do I find clients willing to pay me for photography”. Finding and reaching your target market, creating a model call for the right responses and how to create a portfolio that will get your phone ringing. 

The In-Person Marketing

Who feels scared to stand in front of their audience and promote themselves? Everyone does, because it could make all the difference and what if you’re not ready? Let us guide you through how to market your business in person. We dig deep into shows, finding and working with influencers and the best collaborations you can find.

The Online Marketing

This session we look at the online social side. What should you be posting on your social media? Will creating the best website be the answer? And what should you include on the site? How about guest blogging – are you ready for this? We have the templates and the guidance. We will also be guiding you through starting an email newsletter list that actually works. Get those clients coming to you!


Sales, Pricing & Products

Prepare yourself for this session. Pricing is key in a successful business, follow our formula and price with confidence. We go through setting up and implementing the perfect in person viewing, showing you how we  prepare our clients, which software we use and how we guide our clients to creating peices. of artwork that they will love forever. Plus which products are right for you. 

Photo Shoots

Over the 3 days you will also attend 3 photo shoots, including an early morning shoot with a horse and owner at a breath taking location in the New Forest. We have sourced fantastic models, horses and locations to fill your creative bucket.

On these shoots you’ll build your confidence with settings, directing the horse and owner, posing, lighting, choosing the best locations and executing stunning portraits each and every time.

Walk away with a huge collection of images for your portfolio and to refer back to when you leave us.

A quick message I felt was needed to express how grateful I am for not just the content of the course being so great, but also for the both of you two for being equally brilliant over the three days. If you had a suggestion box I’d not be using it, as I found it perfect as it was. 

My brain is truly buzzing at the moment. My new found enthusiasm, with the knowledge and inspiration from Emily and you this last week, and a total belief in what you taught, matched with my own belief in enacting it, I am determined to make great things happen with these newly aquired tools and carve out a career in equine photography, I literally cannot wait to get out there.

This was all kickstarted by the initial phone conversations we had before I’d even booked up, so thank you especially for it was from those conversations that I knew for sure that the course was to be exactly what was needed to kick myself off in a new and exciting direction in equine photography, so sincerely a specific thank you for the initial inspiration from you Hannah. 

Ben Fox

Equine Photographer




This course has been built for both those who have a current business and those who haven’t started their business. We cover everything you’ll need to get the results you want from your equine photgraphy business.

We cover marketing, connecting with your perfect client, pricing, sales, products and much much more.

Just think, if you impliment everything we teach in this course, 1 sale could cover the price of the entire course!

What Do I Get With This course?

You will join Emily and Hannah in the New Forest for 3 full days. 9am – 4pm each day and one early start for an early morning photo shoot. 

We supply refreshments throughout and light lunches. 

All images you take from this course can be used in your portfolio. 

We also leave plenty of time for questions and answers.

Can I pay in installments for this course?

If you would like to split the course payments please call Hannah on 01225 793436 to discuss this. Spaces are sold on a first come, first served basis. 

Now is your time to shine.

If you are not getting the results you want from your business, or you feel completely overwhelmed thinking about where to start creating your business, then this is the course for you! Don’t waste any more time, now IS YOUR TIME!

Emily & Hannah x