The Training Barn Story: Who We Are, What We Do and Why


If you want to get photography clients, then you need to learn how to sell yourself…

Believe me, nobody understands how scary this seems more than I do. But after fourteen years of working in the photography business, I’ve also learned sharing my story feels far more authentic than selling advertising.

You see, I worked really hard and devoted a lot of time to build my business and brand and this continues today.   Early on in my career, I would be asked if I would show people how to use their cameras for horse photography. These requests allowed me to consider teaching in the equine photography industry, to see if I truly enjoyed coaching other people.    So I set up 1:1 sessions and group photography days, including children’s photography and adult group courses.

After working with these groups for a bit, I decided I wanted to further my own education and gain industry recognition. I believed I was destined to work behind the scenes with my photography clients, teaching them how to improve and progress their own photography business. To do this, I earned my ARPS and FBIPP. Then, suddenly, the flood gates opened and I was inundated with training requests.

Once my services were in demand, I created very specific equine photography and business based courses.

So then, after continued success, I didn’t have the time to accept anymore 1:1 clients and knew I needed to open up more space to run group courses, so I could reach more people who wanted my help with their photography business. That’s when I converted a barn at my New Forest home into a training space, able to accommodate up to 15 people.

This made it much easier for me to create several group training programs, including the options I have today. Throughout the year, I offer my 1 day, 3 day and evening groups, but only allow six clients at a time, so everyone gets as much attention as they deserve. I set up my business this way because I love inspiring my photography clients. To see them believe in themselves and their dreams is something that fulfills me. At the end of our sessions, I watch them create beautiful, timeless images while maintaining a financially rewarding business.

My story began with a dream and ends with a purpose. Sharing it with others allows them to see my passion, but it also indirectly advertises my business.

Knowing and sharing your own story is the most authentic way to share your business with potential clients.