Use this time wisely!

Ahhh, another day in isolation. To keep the morale up, we would like to offer some more ideas as to what you could be working on while staying safe at home. 

On our list of ‘jobs to do’ is seeking out new influencers for our businesses. This may include riders, trainers, yards, shops, equestrian brands or maybe a magazine or equestrian website. Pin-pointing those influencers who can help your business thrive is a time-consuming process that needs careful planning- and what better time to do this than now?!

Here are our top 5 tips to finding and connecting with your next influencer:

  1. Make a list of who you would like to connect with and include your reasons why they would be a good influencer
  2. Check them out online as much as possible. Does your target market follow them?
  3. Are they in alignment with your business? Do you think you’ll get on with them well?
  4. Go through your current connections and see if you have any influencers in here- this is the easiest, most accessible route!
  5. Create an Influencer Exclusive package – write it down, design it and produce it as a beautiful PDF.
  6. Contact the top 2 Influencers on your list and ask for a Skype Call for you to introduce yourself and your business and present them with your PDF.