What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been following our recent emails you’ll know that we are walking you through everything thats included in our 1 Year Mentorship Programme. This is the ONLY 12 month equine portrait mentorship in the entire world.

Session 3 – It’s all about the money baby!

It’s no secret that an artists biggest struggle is valuing their own work and charging people to do a job we absolutely adore. Let’s change your perspective and how you view your price list. You deserve to be paid for your art, even if you do love every single minute of creating it.

In our first email we talked about a video Hannah did a while ago, which you can find on our Facebook Page or in the Facebook Group.
On our 3rd get together in the New Forest we will be digging deep and removing all of your fears and reservations about earning money through your art. We’re not going to beat around the bush on these sessions, you pay us to get the answers and we are here to deliver.

We come at this from 2 sides. How do you set your prices and how do you find clients prepared to invest?

Let us guide you to the perfect price list for your business so you’ll feel so confident and proud of it moving forward.