What your pricing says about you

Do any of these statements sound familiar?
“I haven’t even set up my business and I’m already overwhelmed”
” I wish I’d started earlier”
“No one is even enquiring, so how am I meant to book a new client?”
“Even though I only charge £45 I’m still not getting bookings, so why would I put my prices up?”

These are all completely valid thoughts and feelings and are very common for all of us. This is why Emily and Hannah run the Training Barn.

Thoughts like this come into your head and try to get in our way and you know why successful photographers are successful? Because they listen to the voice and then ask the question, well what can we do about that to smash those negative thoughts?

Lets take the most common… “”Even though I only charge £45 I’m still not getting bookings, so why would I put my prices up?”

A few years ago Hannah addressed this question about how to price yourself as an equine photographer on a Facebook live and many people still watch and get so much from this video. This is what Philip Yale had to say…

“After 12 months, I still keep going back to watching this video, and recommending anyone else I can think of to join this group and watch it too. It is, quite simply, the best, most concise, most relevant and motivational 30 minute explanation of how and why to price appropriately that I have ever watched.

It is because of this video that I finally doubled my shoot prices, and tripled my product prices. I intended to road-test the changes last year (which of course never happened!), but early signs this year are that it is already starting to yield positive results. I need to wait a bit longer to be certain, but I have no doubt at all that the principles are very sound indeed.
Thank you Hannah Freeland !”

Pricing yourself at £45 tells your potential clients so much about the experience you’re offering and the business you’re running. Just ask yourself, if you saw a jumper priced at £10 and another priced at £150, which one do you think was made better, fits better, looks better, has better customer service, nice branding and will last many years to come?Photography is exactly the same, if someone has £150 to spend on a jumper, they will buy the £150 jumper, they will not buy the £10 as the price has put them off.
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