What’s in my photography kit bag?

By Hannah Freeland 


I am sure my Peli 1510 case is unlike most with what is inside… 


This is because in the last year I actually took a leap from Canon to Nikon.  


Unlike others who have done this, I didn’t sell my Canon kit. So currently in my case is: 


Nikon 850d 

Nikon 70-200mm Lens 

Canon 5d Mark III with battery grip 

Canon 70-200mm Lens 

Canon 50mm prime lens 

Card Readers 

2 x Peli card cases 

Spare batteries for both camera bodies 


That’s it!  


I don’t need to have other lenses with me, as 90% of my shoots require one body, one lens. I have backups because I’m professional and would hate to let a client down and technology can be tedious sometimes.  


I used to have a Billingham bag, but again swapped about a year ago to the Peli 1510 case, it makes it so much easier to grab kit and see if anything is missing quickly.  


I charge my camera after every use as soon as I am back in the studio and I back up my cards to 3 different locations. I never leave my kit with full cards and low batteries. I make sure that it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.  


I also have a photography basket (anyone who knows me, knows I love a good basket!) In here I have:  

  • Spider belt
  • A spare Mountain Warehouse running top which is what I wear on photo shoots 
  • Spare socks (because my Mum always told me to have spare socks) 
  • More spare batteries for my cameras 
  • Polos 
  • Spare shoes – just slip on’s, but these have come in so handy if I end up having a coffee after the shoot and don’t want to wear my shoot boots 
  • Breakfast bars – I get hungry!


So there we have it, both the Peli case and basket are always prepped and ready to go and they are my travelling buddies!