What’s in store for our exclusive 3 day course?

We couldn’t be happier to announce that we have opened up the course dates for the much sought after Business of Equine Photography course!

This 3 day intensive course will be held on 11th-13th September 2018 at the Training Barn studio in Burley, Hampshire.

Not heard about this course yet? Want more info? Keep reading…

Do you have these questions running through your head?


“I want to make money from my photography business, but I don’t know how”

“I feel like I have so much un-tapped potential but don’t know where to start”

“I love horses and photography and dream of working with them both every day”

“I need to invest in a business mentor but Im too scared to commit”

“I want to be properly guided, face to face and helped with my equine photography business, not just a course that teaches photography”


Don’t worry- you are not alone! If these questions sound familiar, then you are perfect for this course.

The Business of Equine Photography course has grown so popular over the years, that we have launched these extra dates just for you, in order to fit one last course in this year. 


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A quick glance: 

Over the 3 days, we will be covering the business of equine photography and 3 live photo shoots.

Everything will be covered, from creating stunning, saleable images, through to the client experience, marketing, branding, networking, collaborating and much much more…



Let’s break it down…


Everything you need to know about running a successful equine portrait business

    • Business Foundations
    • Target Market
    • Profiles
    • Portfolio
    • Pricing
    • Products
    • The Sales Process


    • Client Experience
    • Workflows
    • Templates
    • Mindset
    • The Final Touches
    • The Extra’s
    • The Plan Moving Forward



The essentials you need to know to photograph humans and horses in a lifestyle environment

  • 3 Creative, Equine Photo Shoots
  • Beautiful Locations
  • Understanding the Psychology and Behaviour Of A Horse
  • Comprehensive Instruction and Guidance On Technique
  • Lighting & Posing For Both Horse & Owner
  • Structuring A Shoot – Start To Finish
  • Finding The Best Backdrops
  • Tips & Tricks On The Unpredictable
  • Portfolio Images
  • Technical Help With Software & Gear



  • Private Facebook group for help and support while you get yourself set up
  • A private membership site for helpful PDF’s and Checklists
  • Bonus Recordings
  • Online access to course material and templates
  • Join like minded creatives on this 3 day intense journey to help support and encourage each other
  • Refreshments and light lunches

All of this for just £1500!

There are only 6 exclusive spaces available- so be sure sign up soon!

We will ensure you are right for the course and are very happy to answer any questions you have before you commit.

If you would like to speak to one of the team, pick up the phone and call 01225 793436 or 07890 738283.

If you know you are ready for this and it’s exactly what you have been waiting for then click the link above, enter your details and lets get your equine photography business to the TOP!


Love Emily and Hannah