Why train with The Training Barn?



One of the Training Barn graduates has kindly written a little blog post about her experiences of working with Emily at the Training Barn. The most important thing in life is to actually enjoy what you do! Read Esther’s story below to see how training with Emily changed her outlook on photography…


‘Two years ago I decided to enrol on a 12 month mentoring programme with Emily Hancock to help me push my equine/pet photography business forward.

I had been a self employed social photographer for 12 years. Previously I found myself busy being commissioned for a varied mixture of commissions ranging from weddings to events! This didn’t leave me much time to photograph what I love to photograph, horses and other animals!  The years went by and I became more and more despondent about my photography business which almost made me give up!

But thankfully two years ago, after a particularly dull day editing a local council job, I picked up the phone and called Emily! I knew it was the right time to specialise in my niche area. Equine and pets.

I’d followed Emily’s career and admired her work and what she had achieved over the years. Joining Emily’s mentoring programme via The Training Barn was the best investment I have ever done for my business. It has elevated my career in a very short period of time. She has given me the tools to succeed and the drive to pursue my photography dreams.

You have to be prepared to work hard though. Its not always plain sailing,  a photography business can come with many challenges but Emily is always there to steer you back on the right path and help you see clearly again.

My mentoring programme was for 12 months  but even now I’m still in touch with Emily if I need advice. She has even developed a community of very talented like minded photographers (who have all been mentored by Emily) across the country who all support each other and are available for a chat through our social media group any time.

Two years on I’m being commissioned for equine and pet photography shoots. I’m working with some top business names in the equestrian industry like John Whitaker International providing commercial photography. Im also working with animal charities and giving back through my photography. My fine art photography has been published in magazines and I am now working on my first art book and forthcoming exhibition called “Wild Hearts”.

I’m truly loving what I do! I would recommend The Training Barn to anyone who has a passion for photography, who is willing to work hard and wants to be trained by one of the best equestrian photographers in the industry.’


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-Esther Marie, Esther Marie Photography