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Leading UK Equine Photographers
Equine Photography Training Courses and Workshops

At the Training Barn we offer 1:1 guidance, group courses and online training. If you are serious about photography, either as an amateur or a professional, there are courses here to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Our promise to you is to inspire, motivate and guide you through your creative journey.

We have a choice of inspiring locations where the boundaries of creativity, education and fun become one. This is more than just an exchange of knowledge, we have a genuine desire to inspire and help you make your mark in the photography world.



£497.50 - 995.001-2 Days

  • New Dates April & June 2020 – Learn how to create the most wonderful equine portraits by shooting alongside both Emily Hancock and Hannah Freeland on live photoshoots with horses and models.




  • Do you dream of creating stunning equine portraits that you, and your client love?


1:1 Bespoke Mentoring Session

£895Per Day

  • Are you ready to reach a niche market? Do you have a list of questions and fears that you need to work on with us? We will build a bespoke session around your needs and goals.

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By Hannah Freeland I had an epiphany recently while one a long drive to a shoot. I spend a lot of time in the car, travelling from one place to the next, and I wanted to make sure that this blank space in my schedule was being put to work – for me. So like many people, I’ve turned to podcasts, and picking and choosing the right ones has been a fantastic way to work on my mindset, stay positive, and keep my passion – for work and for life – alive. I regularly have little ‘eureka’ moments while I’m […]

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You’re a professional photographer, and that means that the experience of having a shoot with you is about more than just the fabulous images your clients will enjoy at the end – it’s also about the experience of the shoot day itself. Everything needs to be smooth, polished, and easy – and that takes preparation. Today, we’ll be discussing the three absolutely essential tips for making sure everyone is prepared for shoot day. Ready? Let’s do this! Tip #1: Make sure you’ve got the need-to-knows covered Surprises can be brilliant, but there’s a time and a place for them – […]

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This blog is super important if you want to understand exactly how to target and attract your ideal client. Early on in your career, you might think that any client is a good client. And that’s not entirely wrong – many of the clients you book will be brilliant, even if they’re not quite who or what you expect. But it’s absolutely vital that you know who your ideal client is.  So, what exactly do we mean by the ideal client? Basically, this is the perfect human being you would utterly love to have phone you up. The person who, if they […]