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Leading UK Equine Photographers
Equine Photography Training Courses and Workshops

At the Training Barn we offer 1:1 guidance, group courses and online training. If you are serious about photography, either as an amateur or a professional, there are courses here to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Our promise to you is to inspire, motivate and guide you through your creative journey.

We have a choice of inspiring locations where the boundaries of creativity, education and fun become one. This is more than just an exchange of knowledge, we have a genuine desire to inspire and help you make your mark in the photography world.



£497.50 - 995.001-2 Days

  • New Dates April & June 2020 – Learn how to create the most wonderful equine portraits by shooting alongside both Emily Hancock and Hannah Freeland on live photoshoots with horses and models.




  • If you have every struggled with setting up or knowing how to run your Equine Photography Business – you have found the perfect course!


1:1 Bespoke Mentoring Session

£895Per Day

  • Are you ready to reach a niche market? Do you have a list of questions and fears that you need to work on with us? We will build a bespoke session around your needs and goals.

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