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Equine Photography Training Courses and Workshops

At the Training Barn we offer 1:1 guidance, group courses and online training. If you are serious about photography, either as an amateur or a professional, there are courses here to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Our promise to you is to inspire, motivate and guide you through your creative journey.

We have a choice of inspiring locations where the boundaries of creativity, education and fun become one. This is more than just an exchange of knowledge, we have a genuine desire to inspire and help you make your mark in the photography world.



£497.50 - 995.001-2 Days

  • New Dates April & June 2020 – Learn how to create the most wonderful equine portraits by shooting alongside both Emily Hancock and Hannah Freeland on live photoshoots with horses and models.




  • If you have every struggled with setting up or knowing how to run your Equine Photography Business – you have found the perfect course!


1:1 Bespoke Mentoring Session

£895Per Day

  • Are you ready to reach a niche market? Do you have a list of questions and fears that you need to work on with us? We will build a bespoke session around your needs and goals.

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Is there anything worse than talking about money? (Okay, war and all that sort of thing aside, of course…!) First, you go through the agonising and uncomfortable process of actually setting your prices, and then you’ve got to talk about them to your clients, too. Just like horses, they can smell fear – and when they do, they start haggling. A fear of talking about money with clients tends to stem from one of two things – and sometimes a little of each. Either you’re generally insecure about your financial situation, and any acknowledgment of it makes you feel a […]

The 5 Common Mistakes New Equine Photographers Make

Every day behind a camera is a new adventure, but the best – and often, most frustrating – adventures come with a heaping helping of trial and error. We want to help you reach the next level as quickly as possible, so we’ve compiled some of the most common mistakes that we see new equine photographers making. Are you guilty? Not shooting RAW. Many new photographers rely on JPG files because they’re familiar with these as image files. But in doing so, you do yourself a massive disservice. JPG files depreciate in image quality every time they’re edited, and they […]