What do you feel your business deserves?

If you’re anything like we were when we started, we looked like a deer in headlights and didn’t know where to start. Our to-do list was ever growing and expanding and everything felt rather daunting. Thank goodness those days are over, although we still have a to-do list, they’re filled with client work, exciting ideas and up levelling our creativity.

At the start of each year we both write our business plan, goals and SWOT analysis. This guides us to our most important jobs and helps keep us accountable.

I happened to see my 2018 goals last week and here are some I am pleased to say I implemented (because I had written them down):

– New Email Templates
– New CRM System
– New Creative Collaborations
– Recognition in the industry (Associateship with the British Institute of Professional Photographers)
– New art installations in the Studio
– New art installation at a 5* Luxury Equestrian Centre and Hotel

Our 2nd Session Together on the 1 Year Group Mentorship Programme…

In our second get together we’ll be building your business plan and SWOT analysis together. This may sound like your worst nightmare and a total snore – not the way we do it! Together we get REALLY specific about what you want from your business. What impact is it going to have on your life, your talent, your bank balance and your future.

From this we create your GOAL LIST giving you a target to work towards every day, ensuring you and your business are moving forward on the right path.

Tough Love
Unless you’re getting the results you want from your business, something needs to change.

Even if you’ve been in business for 15 years, do you have your ideal client banging down your door?

For example, you may think to yourself “I have a business plan, I have an influencer and I post on social media everyday, therefore, I don’t need this course”.

Let me challenge you. Does your plan reflect the business of your dreams and are you committed to completing the jobs that will deliver a 5* experience? Or maybe your business plan says – ‘book more shoots’.

Booking more shoots doesn’t mean anything. HOW are you going to book more shoots and who is booking these shoots?

Do you want to book lots of shoots at £25 or fewer shoots at £500? The goal list looks very different depending on which one you pick.

Does your influencer attract paid work on a regular basis? Do you have a proper business relationship with your influencer and do they know how to get you new clients?

And what are you posting on social media? Does it engage with your perfect client and get them calling the phone?

We get super clear with your business plan and goals and you’ll go away with a proper to do list that will actually make a difference.

As always these 2 days together include 2 photo shoots. One portfolio and one masterclass.

The following studio day is all about your branding, website and social media. We get creative together and teach you what triggers your perfect client to fall in love with your style and branding.

Click the link below for more information and to secure one of the last spots on this course. Remember, if now is your time, don’t waste another year and join the Yearlings.